Who are we?

  • The Emergency Medical Service for the Town of Westfield, NJ
  • Trained Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) servicing the Town since October 1, 1951 (62 years and counting)
  • ALL VOLUNTEER, providing our services for free and always available in our Squad building 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days a year
  • Running three well equipped ambulances
  • Within 10 minutes, in any direction, of one of three local hospitals: Overlook, JFK, and Rahway; 15 minutes from the two area trauma centers: University (Newark) and Morristown, two area Comprehensive Stroke and Neuroscience Centers: JFK and Overlook
  • Supported completely by the townspeople's tax deductible donations
  • Independent of the Town government while working in conjuction with the Police and Fire Departments
  • Always looking for volunteers, EMT's and Dispatchers: 5 hour daytime and 12 hour overnight shifts; child care reimbursement for parents and scholarships are available


We are NOT:

  • A municipal service provided by the Town of Westfield, NJ
  • Supported (nor have we ever been) by any taxpayer money of any kind
  • Town employees or part of the Town Government
  • Billing for any of our services or equipment used
  • Paramedics, though we work closely with them when the need arises

2012 911 calls received and answered by the Westfield Volunteer Rescue Squad:

Respiratory Distress: 233

Motor Vehicle Collisions: 158

Syncope: 141

General Illness: 134

Bleeding/Hemorrhage: 96

Chest Pain: 93

Behavioral Emergency: 88

Cardiac Related: 88

Lift Assist: 81

Abdominal Pain: 71

Cancelled before/upon arrival: 66

Pain: 61

Seizure: 56

Substance Abuse: 45

Stroke: 38

Dizzy: 35

Cardiac Arrest: 34

Altered Mental Status: 33

Allergic Reaction: 28

Diabetic Related: 27

Vomit: 19

Fracture (Suspected): 17

Obvious Death: 14

Choking/Airway Obstruction: 13

Pre-Arranged Transports: 6

Poisoning: 6

Maternity/GYN: 2

Other injury and medical : 813

From Outgoing 2012 Squad Captain Jonathon Delano

"It was a busy and challenging year for the squad in 2012. The squad's dedicated volunteer members responded to 2510 calls last year.


Over 2500 calls, that's quite an accomplishment for an all-volunteer squad in this day and age. Not many volunteer departments can do that. But we can do that, and we manage to do that, day after day, morning, noon and night. And we do that at no cost to the patient or Town of Westfield.

The squad's response to those 2510 calls was only possible because of the great dedication of our volunteer EMTs and dispatchers. And our members couldn't do what they do without the great financial support of the residents of Westfield.


It has been an honor to serve as captain of this squad. I'd like to thank the following for assisting me with my captain's duties: Suanne Hutchinson, Lynn Feldman, Reid Edles, Dan Sullivan, Marcelo Adinolfi, Jay Slomovitz, Dick Kenyon, Candy Jackovino, Dan Klibaner, Rich Jackson, Pat Tighe, Steve Becker, Bob Barrett, Brendan Galligan, Ron DeVelde, Dariusz Tokarz, Kim Adams and Drew Fleyzor.


I'd also like to thank Lt. Christopher Battiloro and Chief David Wayman of the Westfield Police Department as well as all the WPD officers who provide first-responder assistance on squad calls. The same also applies to Westfield Fire Department Chief Dan Kelly and the department's firefighters."


Jonathan Delano 

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