Who are we?

  • The Emergency Medical Service for the Town of Westfield, NJ
  • Trained Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) servicing the Town since October 1, 1951 (65 years and counting)
  • ALL VOLUNTEER, providing our services for free and always available in our Squad building 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days a year
  • Running three well equipped ambulances
  • Within 10 minutes, in any direction, of one of three local hospitals: Overlook, JFK, and Rahway; 15 minutes from the two area trauma centers: University (Newark) and Morristown, two area Comprehensive Stroke and Neuroscience Centers: JFK and Overlook
  • Supported completely by the townspeople's tax deductible donations
  • Independent of the Town government while working in conjuction with the Police and Fire Departments
  • Always looking for volunteers, EMT's and Dispatchers: 5 hour daytime and 12 hour overnight shifts; child care reimbursement for parents and scholarships are available


We are NOT:

  • A municipal service provided by the Town of Westfield, NJ
  • Supported (nor have we ever been) by any taxpayer money of any kind
  • Town employees or part of the Town Government
  • Billing for any of our services or equipment used
  • Paramedics, though we work closely with them when the need arises

2015 911 calls received and answered by the Westfield Volunteer Rescue Squad:

Fall: 309

Respiratory Distress: 182

Syncope: 146

Motor Vehicle Accident: 93

General Illness: 91

Behavioral Emergency: 85

Chest Pain: 78

Lift Assist: 72

Cancelled before/upon arrival: 56

Seizure: 50

Dizzy: 47

Abdominal Injury / Pain: 46

Cardiac Related: 46

Substance Abuse: 46

Pain (not chest / abdominal: 36

Altered Mental Status: 34

Bleeding / Hemorrhage: 34

Diabetic Related: 29

Fracture / Dislocation: 28

Stroke: 28

Allergic Reaction: 21

Vomit: 21

Poisoning: 20

Cardiac Arrest: 19

Other: 14

Choking/Airway Obstruction: 11

Maternity/OBGYN: 5

Obvious Death: 4

Pre-Arranged Transports: 1

Other injury and medical : 266